Friday, June 27, 2008


I remember - many years ago I had a friend when I was living in New Mexico who started calling me "Giant" - really out of a clear blue sky. She had never called me that before but she started calling me that.

One day we were going for a walk out on this dirt road - of which there were many then where I was living and we talked about this and that and at one point I asked her, "How come you started calling me giant?" She was quiet for a long time and then she said, "Well you know...once I saw you - you were really really tall. I mean taller than you normally are."

I didn't know what to say because physically speaking she was a lot shorter than I was and so there was another long pause and I said, " You mean taller than I normally am?" She said, "Oh yes - very much so" and I said, "Oh."

Well I realize that's not much of a story but when you couple it with this and this then you have something to think about.

It's a curious thing that seems to be displayed by me sometimes. I've mentioned it in the other posts and I'm just adding it here as a curiosity for you.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Unexpected Adventures

I had to laugh when reading about Louis' porch sliding adventure and then slightly blood-curdling events that followed it. reminded me of my own adventure that I had completely forgotten.

Once when I was a youngster I remember walking the distance, oh maybe it was about half a mile, from my house to the theatre that we would go to as kids. They always had a great feature for us on Saturday - usually two shoot-'em-up action movies or stories about animals or horses and cartoons and also a serial - you remember those - serials?

I remember this one was a particularly fun day. It was wintertime and coming out of the theatre and starting for home with my friend another kid that I didn't know was mad at me for no reason that I can remember and charged at me.

Perhaps from the excitement of the movies I demonstrated marshal arts which I didn't know then at all and don't know much more about now. The next thing I knew this youngster, wearing a snowsuit I think or something that looked like it, was flying over my hip and sailing along the ice until he bumped up into a car parked in a driveway.

He wasn't hurt and he got up and ran over to me and I thought we were going to have to duke it out but he ran over to me and said, "How did you do that? I want to learn how to do that" and I suppressed a comment that I want to learn how to do that too and we had kind of a brief friendship there. He took it well I'd have to say.

Anyway, I was reminded of this by reading about Louis' unexpected adventure on his porch as a youngster. Just thought I'd pass that on to you. It was a funny and unexpected adventure for me as well.