Monday, May 19, 2008

Lightning And Me

I recall when I was young, a teenager I believe, I accompanied my Father on a road trip he was making. This was rare for me to have the opportunity to go out with my Father who, at this time of his life, was going out and going on these road trips to do various sales of merchandise he had and deliver sometimes, samples to the stores so they could decide whether to order this or that or how much.

I recall once we were driving through Iowa and the area we drove into had just had one of the biggest rainstorms they'd ever had. It was 13 inches of rain - just all came down in one steady amount and while the bulk of the storm had cleared out there was still some thunderstorms in the area.

My Father was a very careful driver and he was driving very slowly and there were very few people on that highway, not surprisingly. It was a simple road - two lane blacktop and we suddenly found ourselves in a thunderstorm.

Lightning was crashing all around. I noted a lightning bolt crashing nearby and it was very loud thunder of course but then as the lightning started hitting closer to us something unusual happened and that's that I couldn't hear the thunder. I think it has something to do with distance and timing but not being a student of science I couldn't offer that explanation.

I recall at the time thinking that I thought I saw something in the lightning - I wonder if it would strike closer and I can see for sure - and almost instantaneously another bolt of lightning struck about 6 feet away from the car on my side and I had a chance to see clearly - yes - there were colors in the lightning. Just like colors in a rainbow only more distinct and more intense.

It is a curious thing that. I've had a lot of unusual encounters with lightning in my life. Later on in life I saw lightning that had no colors and while the storm was all around, this happening in Arizona, this form of lightning had no thunder and went on for some time. It looked just like lightning but it was a pale white light.

Another time also in the Southwest, this time in New Mexico, lightning struck very close to me - so close that my hair sizzled a bit and I was not harmed otherwise.

I do not want to suggest I'm recommending these experiences for they were both frightening and also interesting and yes exciting at the same time but overall after the experience I was glad it was over.

I'm mentioning this to you because of my ofttime experience and influence with the weather which I have been taught a great deal about from my teachers and have learned how to work benevolently with Mother Earth's elements, we call weather, which for her are simply parts of her physical personality.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Guides And Teachers

On an occasion with a friend once, I remember we traveled spontaneously to one of The Nations. It was maybe a hundred, maybe a hundred and fifty miles from our home.

We felt drawn there and we went almost on a whim. We got there and it was late afternoon. It was up on one of the mesas.

We realized that whatever we were going to do there, we weren't going to have time to get back so we would have to stay overnight. We went to a lodge that was there and while they had rooms for rent, not many - just a few, they didn't have space for us but they were kind enough to suggest that if we wanted to stay nearby, which is something that is a plus when you're camping out in the "middle of nowhere" that we could use their side lot and it would have enough light and activity so there would be no danger. We thanked very much and went to put up our tent there.

I remember my friend felt strongly that it would be good to put the tent up under some bushes as she felt that it would provide an extra measure of shelter. However 2 dogs had strolled up very quietly, very gentle dogs, and I had the impression that that wasn't what they were suggesting.

I remember looking at the dogs, one then the other, and one had sort of laid its face on the instructions for putting up the tent - as it was a new tent and we hadn't ever put it together - so it was difficult to see the instructions. My impression of course was that - stop, is what the dog was saying very gently.

I looked at the other dog and the dog looked at me and promptly sat down and I knew that that dog was saying - this is where to put the tent.

I mentioned it to my friend and she said - no no, I've camped a lot before and I know best and so I said okay.

She started putting up the tent and she suddenly realized there was a large colony of ants there. She stepped back and brushed herself off and gathered up the tent materials and walked back and she looked at the dogs and smiled and understood that they were part of the welcoming committee. And being a person who really loved dogs I think she kind of got a kick out of it and took it good-naturedly.

Well - we put the tent up there in the exact spot they recommended and we not only had a nice restful nights sleep but the dogs stayed with us. I had the feeling they were protecting us.

The one that had sat down and showed us the space lingered for a while and the other one very politely stayed on the outside of the tent but where I was, rolled up against me - against the tent. So I had my friend on one side and my dog friend on the other side - all in all a good night.

In the morning dog friend was gone. They had never barked, never made a sound but had moved off back to their home and left us to greet the morning.

We folded up the tent, found the special place we had been drawn to and did a special prayer blessing in the most benevolent way we knew how. We drove home and what I remember to this day is how wonderful the experience was with our dog guides and teachers. These are truly wonderful beings.