Thursday, July 17, 2008

More On Spirits In The Sky

Lately when I've been looking at the sky I see so many of the same spirits - they do show up in the clouds you know.

Some of them look like they might even have recently had lives on Earth. That's how it feels to me but others definitely look like they're from the past - maybe even in ancient times in Hawaii - and the faces show up on a regular basis. The clouds identifying their presence by taking the shape.

Do you do that? Do you look up in the sky and see the faces? I'm sure most of you do. It's interesting to note when you see the same faces - I feel that the spirits - not all of course but many of the spirits that have a particular connection to Earth are often in residence in the sky.

Sometimes of course they can be seen in stone, other times in other matter but often - so very often in the sky.

This is something I enjoy seeing, I hope you do too. I feel they are looking out for us and radiating their blessings upon us. Perhaps they walked here or swam here or lived here at one time before and maybe just exactly the same for where you live.


Monday, July 14, 2008

The Spiritual Hunters

Remember the last time I told you that I was going to tell you about a spiritual hunter I knew. Well this was a couple that lived in northern Colorado and I happened to meet one of them at one time.

She told me that she and her husband knew how to hunt and they would go hunting for elk and as I listened to her speaking I realized she wasn't just talking about going out into the forest and hunting as people do in order to put food on the table but she was talking about something else.

She told me that they would prepare and say prayers and cleanse themselves in a spiritual manner before they went to the forest and that they would bring gifts. She didn't elaborate on what the gifts were but she did indicate that sometimes it would be food and sometimes it would be things that they had created with the desire of having the exact elk show up for them that would be acceptable to the community of elk to be a being that would put food on their table and they would ask for that to happen you see.

So sometimes they would bring special things that they had made to help bring that about and they'd go to the forest. They wouldn't hunt the elk as a hunter might normally do tracking and so on but they would go to the same place all the time and they would sit down and wait. Soon - within an hour at most an elk would come along and stand and just wait for them to shoot the elk and take it for their table.

As she finished telling me that it made sense and she said, "...and I want you to understand the difference between eating elk that you might eat hunted in a normal way and elk that you might eat that is hunted in that spiritual fashion - where the elk that comes to you knows that it's going to be shot, knows that it's going to provide food for human beings."I said, "Oh, you can do that?"

She said, "Yes, I have a little stew left that I made from that elk. Would you like to have some" and I said, "Yes, please."

Imagine a beef stew. It was very much like a beef stew only there were a few chunks of elk meat in it. Now I've had some great beef stew in my time and I'm sure you have too but this elk stew was completely different.

There were just a few pieces of the elk in that stew but after I had that, and the total amount I had was probably no greater than what you would find in a 12 ounce coffee cup, and I had nothing else - just that - that's what she served me so that I could see the affects - I felt invigorated. I felt a spiritual energy come over me and I felt uplifted.

I learned something from that experience and I am hopeful that those of you who hunt might also be inspired by that. If you're not doing spiritual hunting now you might look into it. Ask around in your community. I am no expert on this but perhaps there is someone that knows how to do that and I wish you well in your endeavors.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Heartwarming Surprise

Years ago I used to housesit for a dear friend of mine in Colorado. Her home, modest though it was, was as she described it, "A sweet little house" and it was very true. There was a lot of spiritual energy around and it felt very good and she was blessed by a certain phenomena.

Her home - while in a bustling community happened to back up to national forest preserve and I remember her saying once - I believe it was the first time I did an extended house-sitting for her - she said, "If you want to have an interesting experience some evening sit here at the dinning room table and just be alert.

"Have a light on but not too bright and just be alert to that window right in front of the table. You can do other things. You can write but just don't get too involved" and I said, "Okay" and I knew that she would give me suggestions like that because there was always more to it.

She was the sort of person who would like to tell somebody something but had noticed over time that sometimes it was better to make suggestions and to allow the future to unfold rather than to say - this will happen and this will happen.

In that way of course, you could be involved in your experience and discover your experience and be engaged in the teaching and the lesson rather than having the lesson laid out for you with prescribed results that you had to look for and then would feel uncomfortable with if it didn't evolve.

So on the basis of her suggestions which were always good that way, I sat at that table one evening and had a light on nearby and had in front of me writing materials to compose either a letter to someone or to write down ideas for articles and books and while I was in mid thought at one point I heard something rustle outside.

There was a very light snow falling so I wasn't sure at first whether it was simply snow sliding off the roof but I waited and sat quietly and pretty soon someone showed up at the window. You might say it was a face at the window, only this face was a beautiful face and had a very large rack of antlers.

It was a beautiful deer and the deer stopped and noticed me and looked in and as deer do when they felt safe even though there was really just a few feet - maybe a total of five feet between us but there was that wall that was a barrier - the deer felt safe and nodded at me and I nodded back and the deer walked on and I enjoyed that.

It was like - oh, that's what was going to happen. My friend wanted me to know that this is the path that deer take.

She told me sometime before that the deer often would come down out of the forest and walk past her house but she didn't say they would walk right past that window - right next to the house. And they would walk on to an old orchard that was sort of an extended portion of her yard and there was quite a few trees left from the old orchard. They would nibble on the apples that had either fallen on the ground or reach up a bit as far as they could and get the ones that were still left on the trees.

She made certain that the trees would be left for them and she would often leave lots and lots of apples on the trees so that the deer had something that they could live on and a nice snack and treat for the wintertime. You probably already know this but deer do love apples and that was a sweet thing that she did for them.

Well, as my time went on during that house-sitting and I realized the deer would walk right by the window I had that experience many times with the deer looking in the window and nodding like that.

If you've never been really up close and personal with deer they really can be the sweetest beings. They do have such great hearts. I used to have a friend who referred to deer as the king of the animals and this is not because deer had some power over others but rather because they have great heart. They have great compassion not only for their own kind but for others and also because they are prepared to make sacrifices not only to preserve their own families and their own communities but sometimes so that human beings might live and thrive.

Those of you who are hunters, especially spiritual hunters, and know how to hunt and offer gifts to the forest and gifts for the continuation of a noble species know exactly what I'm talking about. Another time maybe I'll tell you about someone I knew in Colorado who was a spiritual hunter.