Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Purple Man

An eyewitness to Zoosh, one of the Beings I've channeled for years, described what he saw during a channeling I presented in Grand Junction, Colorado many years ago. I relate what I recall here now for your pleasure.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Acknowledgement Advice

Remember always to give credit where credit is due and to encourage people onto pathways that you feel are benevolent for them and also to take into account the work that they are doing that is benevolent for others.

People do not get as much encouragement as they need nor do they get the recognition that they need. This is so very important.

As you know it's very easy to fall into a cynical way of being. While this does protect a person in their thoughts, though not really in their feelings, from being disappointed it ultimately just wraps into itself and becomes a reason to be angry and even more disappointed or worse.

So remember and keep it as a watchword to acknowledge, to recognize, to appreciate, to value and to mention it to people how much you care about them and that they are of value.