Sunday, October 25, 2009

Changes In How I Post

For a long time now I've been sharing the wisdom I have with you in print here on these blogs and even stories on the stories blog but now I find as I get older I'm going to have to do this in a way that's easier for me and doesn't tire me out quite so much eh :-) so I'm going to shift over completely to video which I've been planing for a long time.

You'll still see video on Explorer Race as you have been so that won't change very much and you'll still see that also on my You Tube BenevolentMagic site so that won't change either but as far as all the transcribed material, that which I have written and posted through the usual process but instead of thinking and typing I've recorded it and transcribed it and posted just in case you're interested, that's all got to stop now because it's too much for one person to do.

Anyway I'm just letting you know. Feel free to consult with these blogs. I may still post, from time to time a video on these blogs here or there so you can watch for that but I'm afraid you're going to have to say goodbye to the print version. Maybe you won't miss it that much.

When I put up video these days it will mostly be Grandfather channeling through me but who knows...maybe there will be other things too.

I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed interacting with all of you and it's not totally goodbye but it will be different. So, just to let you know. I love you all. Goodnight and goodlife.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why I'm In Hawaii

In the course of my travels, moving around from here to there on the basis of where I'm needed and where I'm called, I lived for quite a while in Sedona, Arizona.

This is a place where there are many intersections of different worlds. A friend of mine even started a company that she calls Crossing Worlds because the term has to do not only with the interlacing of different cultures but also because Sedona and the whole southwest United States in many places has been touched by the mystical, the mysterious and from my point of view - the natural, having to do with a strong representation, hosting and welcoming of the natural world.

The natural world itself goes beyond the boundaries of what mankind can state, "This is the truth." It goes beyond the "laws of science" and it incorporates all the real and all the not always welcome factual experience. Many people say - I've seen this, I've done that - and those who do not believe say, "Oh..." dismissively and many other things of derision.

I've been in Sedona, I've lived there, I've lived in other places in the general area of a radius out for a few hundred miles and I can say that the mysterious and the natural lives there.

In light of that I'd like to speak now of an experience I had there and I think you might enjoy hearing about it.

It's quite a few years ago now but I remember it clearly how it came to be that I moved to Hawaii. At the time I was living in Sedona, Arizona and I was planning to move to Flagstaff but I hadn't really gotten the motivation completely, just the impetus.

One day when football playoffs were on, I remember I got up early to see them and I was bustling around getting ready. I turned the TV set on and I could hear it in the other room while I was getting dressed.

I heard the announcers and they were talking about this player and that player and the games that were coming up and I was only listening with half an ear, you know the way you do when you're getting ready to get dressed and this and that but by the time I was ready to come in and sit down and relax and watch the two games that were going to be on that day I happened to glance at the television and - what was that!

I could hear the announcers talking but there was all this print on the screen. The screen looked a lot like a computer screen. There was a very light blue thin band across the top like a menu bar and something written there and it was kind of a lighter color and then below that the background was very light and there was all this print slowly scrolling up, it was outlined and even lighter, as if you were looking at a computer - reading something and scrolling. There was no indentation for sentences or punctuation, just one word after another filling the screen.

I couldn't figure out what - what is that? I called the cable company and asked - what is that? They were at a complete loss since they did not have it on their screens. They didn't know what it was. They said they'd check their circuits or what have you but it was Sunday and I wasn't holding my breath that they would be able to send somebody out immediately.

I also recall that I got up and went out and walked around the house to make sure that all the incoming electronics and cables to the house were alright. They looked okay.

Still I was kind of disappointed and could hear the announcers and I thought, "Oh well, it's going to be like a radio game." Have you ever been driving across the country and listen to a game on the radio? It's not too bad. I used to listen to them on the radio when I was a lot younger - but I was still kind of disappointed.

And so I thought, "Well this is really kind of weird." And you see I had set up the video cassette recorder, the VCR, to record the games but I decided I'd get up early and I'd rather watch them. Still I figured, "Well it's recording. I don't know what all this print says but it's recording and I suppose I can read it later if I want to" and all the time the print keeps scrolling up.

So I'm sitting there and I'm thinking, "Well, you know it's recording. I could do anything else. I think I got started fooling around in the kitchen making some breakfast and I came back in and looked at it and I thought, "Hey I know what I'll do..." You know - you get these ideas with electronics don't we..."

"I'll turn the TV set off and I'll turn it back on and maybe it'll be better." ;-) Kind of like kicking the tires on a car right, as if that helped. So I pick up the remote control and I have my thumb poised over the off switch and just before I'm going to press the off switch the screen changes and it changes color a bit.

It goes all gray and a little snowy and then the snowiness stopped and it was just a light gray color. I'm thinking, "What's this then?" And then in floated, and I could only say floated because it was moving in a buoyant and very slightly bouncy way, these very big letters. They took up fully one third of the screen coming in in the center and they sort of moved up and down just a little bit - that's why I'm saying floated.

In floated the word from the left to the right until it was perfectly centered in the middle of the screen and it stopped. And the word said - Faeries. F-a-e-r-i-e-s.

I thought, "Wow!" The first thing I thought was, "Wow!" I quickly called the cable company and told them to forget it and not to worry about it and they said, "Okay" because I figured, "Well, this is a spiritual experience."

And all the while I can hear the announcers chatting away about the game that's coming up. So I turned that down a little bit because I didn't really want to hear them talking and I thought, "Wow, I hope that all that print that went by before was all about faeries. I wish I had read it" but then I'm thinking to myself, "Wait a minute, wait a minute. The VCR is recording this. This is going to be great! Later on I can read all this stuff and it's going to be all about faeries. Wow that's awesome!"

So I'm waiting and it just says - Faeries - and it stays like that. I thought to myself, "Well - what does this mean?" Being a Channel naturally I went into the other room - with the full and complete confidence that all of this was being recorded and I could have this as a keepsake and I thought, "Wow, this is great" - I go into the other room and sit down on the bed and I ask, at that time I was channeling Speaks Of Many Truths* quite a bit and I ask, "Speaks Of Many Truths, what does this mean? Is it a message for me? It must be."

Normally when I ask these questions I usually say, "And tell me anything else I need to know right now too." Like that as Channels often do for themselves. I then proceeded to receive the shortest channeling I've ever received for myself. It lasted not even a minute.

Speaks Of Many Truths came in and said, "You know Robby, it's not that complicated. The Faeries want you to go over to Hawaii and they want you to help them out. There's a youngster there that needs some help and they'd like you to go over to Hawaii and help them and while you're there look around a little bit and see how you like it because it would be good if you moved there."

That was it. That was all there was to it. It was maybe thirty seconds if anything and I came out of it after that. It was like, "Gosh! Move to Hawaii! I'd lived on the continental US my whole life. I couldn't imagine going to Hawaii. I had been to Hawaii once before and I had had quite a mystical experience there^ but I couldn't imagine moving there.

So I go back in the other room and the screen is blank. The word Faeries isn't on there any more and it's just that light gray screen. So I thought, "Well the least I can do is read about all that stuff. I can't wait to read that!"

So I stop the VCR and I rewound it all the way to the beginning. I played back the tape and it was the game. How about that.

Well I fulfilled what the faeries wanted me to do. I went over to Hawaii and a friend of mine drove me around kindly because he was living there and moved there sometime before and he drove me to this place and that place. Just places that I felt on a map needed some attention.

I did some energy work, helped some spirits to move on, did some prayer blessings - all kinds of different benevolent shamanic practices and then thanking my friend I flew back to Oahu, felt out the energy there and thought to myself, "Am I really going to move here?"

All I can say to you is that was about 10 years ago and I've been here for quite a while now. Goodlife.

*Speaks Of Many Truths is a Native American mystical man who lived about 400 years ago and speaks through me to teach, to remind, to support and to pass on wisdom. For example see Shamanic Secrets for Material Mastery.
^ Meeting With A Mystical Woman:

On a return trip from a short vacation to Hawaii once, I was on a plane getting settled as were many others and there was still boarding going on. I was in a bulkhead seat so there was no other rows in front of me.

The two passengers directly to my left were an older lady and a younger woman. The older lady asked me how I had enjoyed my trip to Hawaii. This was the first thing she said to me. I hadn't said anything to her other than nodding and smiling. And I said, "It was okay" and she said, "Ah."

She said, "Would you mind if I just..." and she got down in front of me - she was very short and small - she got down in front of me.

I didn't say anything because I believed this was something that might be spiritual but I wasn't sure. She hunkered down in front of me and she reached up towards me with her right hand outstretched and the next thing I remember was an announcement and the announcement over the speakers in the plane said, "Would you please return your tray tables and seat backs to their upright position."

And I realized my eyes were closed and I opened my eyes and the plane was in the air. When the lady had introduced herself - meaning spoken to me the plane was still at the gate, hadn't even taxied yet, so I was very confused for a moment. I couldn't understand what had happened.

The plane was quite obviously on the glide path the way it is and I realized that somehow I had been in what I can only describe as a meditative state. I couldn't remember anything else. A meditative state for 5 hours because the plane landed in about 20 to 25 minutes and that's how long the flight was.

I recall that the lady said only one other thing to me before she stretched her arm out. She said, "You'll be back."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's Alright To Be

It's alright to have personality and be spiritual. Sometimes one finds that this is natural, other times you find that you feel pressured to be the spiritual person all the time from this person or that group. Don't give in to it, okay? It's alright to do your work. It's alright to be spiritual. It's alright to be spiritual a lot and it's also alright to have your personality.

This is particularly important advice and guidance for people who are channeling even if that's only part of your work as in my case.

There's a lot of subtle pressure to be the spiritual person all the time in every way but it's really important to allow yourself to just be. After all you're hardly in a position to be encouraging others to be their natural selves and to try to be natural in the natural world and all the other things that you'll get as advice that you emanate or pass through you whether you be in this work or some other kind - all of that is very good but it's really important to also be yourself - okay?

Now whoever yourself is is going to change over time and over the years so remind people from time to time that when you're being yourself that yourself is going to change from time to time just like it does with them.

Let them know that, as the famous saying goes, you put you pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else - or you put your skirt on just like everybody else. The important thing is if you're going to be spiritual, if you're going to do this work, if you're going to do any kind of work that calls upon you to be something that people ask, that people come to, that people inquire about - in short that is a path of life - that doesn't mean you can't have you, you can't be you and you can't enjoy your personality and let others enjoy it.

Of course it'll be infused with your work but they'll be other times when you just want to be yourself. It's okay. Okay? It's okay.


Sunday, May 24, 2009


I was just listening to Windmills of Your Mind on You Tube and it really reminded me of a poem I wrote years and years ago called Wheels Within Wheels.

I don't know where it is now. I wrote it on the back of a small brown paper bag that held popcorn. This was on an occasion when I was on a lunch break from jury duty in California.

I remember that I was initially happy to get away from work (a civil service job) and go on jury duty because I thought, "Well, this might be interesting." And also on the opposite side of that, "I hope I don't get any gruesome cases or have to make any life and death decisions." Something all jurors have to face unfortunately - but it was significant in other ways to me.

I know I've written about this before but I don't remember where so...if you run across it then I'm fleshing it out a bit more here.

I remember that I brought one book only to look at not realizing that much of jury duty is spent just sitting in the jury pool waiting to be called to be interviewed, or impaneled as they call it, for participation in a trial.

I could only look at this book from time to time because it's one of those books that make you think. It was a book about philosophy - stimulating thoughts and as such I had to stop and read and then stop and then read.

I think it was then from reading that book plus my exposure to the jury trial system and realizing the life changing impact that it had on people as well as my lunch break when being visited by a blue jay who kept me company sometimes in the park nearby while I shared popcorn from the small bag with blue jay and then writing the poem, something I only did in those days when I was profoundly inspired, that I realized that I wouldn't be going back for long to that civil service job. I had to be more involved in something that had greater meaning.

For the next few years I started reading other books and delving into deeper thoughts and considerations. It wasn't too long after that that I found my path in life. You never know what little or big thing might open a door that could reveal a more beneficial pathway in life. Goodlife.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Unexpected Friend

Friends. It became very clear to me recently how we all need friends. It's good to have friends on the Internet, I enjoy them. I know you do too but it became clear to me how important it is to have friends nearby - friends you see, friends you call, friends who call you.

Recently someone I didn't know, a neighbor, someone who lived in the same building I live in came calling by accident. She was in the middle of a medical crisis.

I helped her, I did what I could. I'm not a medical person but with the help of others who work here in the building and came to help her and the fire department and the paramedics she felt better.

While we were waiting though for everyone to come and help her I was very conscious of how we were in that moment friends. It's as if we'd known each other our whole lifetime because she was speaking about many things, sometimes all at once the way we do when we're frightened and upset and the sound of our own voice is reassuring.

Now and then she'd pause and I'd tell her how happy I was that she came to see me because where I live you see, there's not that many people at home but she just happened to come at a time when I was there and being in desperate straits as she was it was a gift. And I don't just mean that I was a gift for her because I was there for her, it was a gift for me because she reminded me how important friends are and how important people are even when you haven't met - to be friendly, to be supportive and to do what you can.

Call a friend this weekend. If it's someone that likes you just the way you are and someone that you like just the way they are that's even better but if you don't know anybody like that then call someone you do know just to remind yourself you have friends.

Do you forget about that sometimes? It's easy to forget about that isn't it. And if a friend calls even if they just want to talk and they want you to listen it's alright because we're really meant, very often aren't we, to be lights in the night, islands at sea and all the other metaphors which are so true at times when they are a matter of life and death and at other times as well.

Forgive me for being reflective but it came very clear to me that this ladies visit reminded me to call friends which I did do and family and I called my sister.

Think about doing that yourself. It's not just because you'll never know when you'll need them, it's also because you never know when they'll need you and it might remind you of something you need, want or value.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Photo is © B. Kim Barnes, used with permission, and can be found at

Monday, May 11, 2009

Honoring Commercial Pilots

Some years ago I was flying back to an airport near where I lived from Los Angeles on a commercial jet. It was an unusual trip. On the way we went through a thunder storm. Lightening - a lot of bouncing around but others have had this experience.

As we got closer to the airport we started coming in on the glide path as always and because it was stormy there I think they made us go around once but then coming back coming in on the glide path closer and closer to the ground the plane had just touched down when all of a sudden, and I didn't know a full sized commercial jet could do this, it took off like a rocket even though it was just settling down on the wheels the way they do.

It literally took off like a rocket almost straight up in the air and did a partial snap roll. All I know is that the plane turned so sharply that the right wing was pointed straight down and all the passengers got a little closer to each other there for a moment. Needless to say it was so quiet you could of heard a pin drop in there though I did hear a few prayers but the plane leveled off and did another long slow turn around the airport - maybe for 20 minutes.

There was no sound. Nobody said anything from the pilots area and the cabin crew was quiet as well and it was quiet in the cabin - very quiet.

Then the pilot came on and while he was announcing that we would be going in again and that he was sure that we'd have a good safe landing I could hear somebody else up there in the cockpit, using plenty of expletive deleted words while at the same time obviously trying to control himself, blaming somebody.

It turns out, I found out later, that there had been a snafu - a mix-up by ground personnel - I don't know who and our plane had been guided to land but because the pilots were alert they could see that if we had continued with our landing we would have run right smack into another plane.

I'm bringing this to your attention not because I want to offer you the thrill of the day but rather because I want to compliment the pilots of this airline. I'm not going to mention the name of the airline, I'm just going to say that it was one of my favorites and I just want to compliment pilots everywhere for their vigilance, for their ability and for how many lives they save which very often is never in the press but I think it happens every day.

Thank you commercial pilots and other pilots for doing such a wonderful job.

Goodlife to you all.

Photo is © B. Kim Barnes, used with permission, and can be found at

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Road Revealed

Many years ago when I was a young man I purchased a motorcycle on the advice of a friend. I had loved the new bike he got and while I couldn't get one quite as big or quite as fast I did buy the same brand.

It was very smooth running though it had a flaw. It was underpowered in the battery charging system and therefore I had to kick-start it to get it going but I kind of liked that because it reminded me of older times when I was very young and used to admire the older boys and men kick-starting their Harley's. I couldn't buy a Harley but I think maybe I thought it sort of reminded me of those days.

One day I was out riding with my friend. He was trying to show me how to ride on a mountain road - I lived near the mountains in those days in California. My friend was very good at it. Even though his bike was big he was athletic and was able to throw his bike around the turns, as he used to say.

I tried to do that but I wasn't very good at it and I came into a turn too fast. Well I don't have to tell you do I. I couldn't make the turn. I slid off into the dirt and it was one of those long slides that seem to happen in slow-motion where the last thoughts you have is - this is it - because I could see at the end of that dirt the cliff just fell off and I didn't know how far.

I thought to myself, "That's it - the end" but suddenly I hit something. I don't know what it was to this day because there was absolutely nothing but slightly sloped ground to the cliff on the pathway where I was sliding and I was flying - airborne.

Up and over and beyond. It seemed like forever and just like they say in books and the movies - my whole life flashed before my eyes in a second or two. It really does happen.

The next thing I knew I hit the ground with a mighty thump. I remember rolling and then there was another bigger thump on my head. Fortunately I had a new helmet which I appreciate to this day. It was a Bell helmet. I don't know if they're still in business but I have to say without any reason to promote them other than my gratitude, it was a great helmet and undoubtedly saved my life.

I came to a stop and started moving my arms and legs around to see if I had arms and legs left and when I was doing that my friend was, at that point, driving back up the canyon looking for me and he saw me doing that and it gave him the chills, he said.

He thought I was having a death rattle but he was quickly relieved and so was I when I stood up. Much to my amazement I didn't have any broken bones and even though I seemed to be okay I knew I wasn't quite alright.

For one thing I was immensely relieved so of course I was cheerful but I was cheerful beyond reason and my friend and I pushed what was left of my bike off to the side and sort of under a tree. It could still stand up but it didn't look too good. We left it there in hopes that it would still be there when I got back whenever that would be and he got me up on the back of his bike and we took off for the hospital.

He didn't want to wait for an ambulance because he figured when he saw me shaking around like that on the ground that the quicker he could get me there the better.

I remember being profoundly cheerful all the way to the hospital :-) I'm sure a mild concussion had something to do with that and when I got to the hospital my friend made a bit of a scene to get me in there and him having a forceful personality though with a certain amount of gentle persuasion did get me in to see the nurse pretty quickly.

The guy scrubbed my arms off. I remember him telling me after peeling what was left of my shirt off - telling me that it was going to hurt and he had to clean off the "road rash" as they call it and it should of hurt but it didn't. He was scrubbing real hard with alcohol and he said, "Doesn't that hurt?" And I said, "Just stings a little bit" and he said, "You probably got a concussion."

The doctor came in later and confirmed concussion. They took a look at me and decided that I was going to be alright, sent me home. I remember I woke up the next day and I guess I must have been kind of out of it the day before because I could definitely feel my arms and it was a whole lot of ouch going on for the next three days or so but after that I started feeling better.

It was right around that time that my life took a turn towards the spiritual. I'm sure many others who've had near death encounters have had that other road revealed to them.

I often wondered if I hadn't had that crash would I have gone on to do what I had thought I would do then. I was thinking before that time maybe I'll do this, maybe I'll do that but it turned out that I felt a increasing interest after that to read spiritual books and one thing led to another and here I am today.

Just thought you might be interested. Goodlife.

Photo is © B. Kim Barnes, used with permission, and can be found at

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I remember when I was a youngster reading a book...I think it must have been about the planet. Maybe it was science...could have been in school - but there was all these pictures of snowflakes.

I'm not sure if they were actual photographs or if they were drawings and they were all these beautiful patterns. You've probably seen such pictures yourself or perhaps had the opportunity to take a quick glance at snowflakes yourself.

So of course the first chance I had - since I was growing up in Minnesota which was plenty cold in the winter and had enough snow as well :-) I looked at my sleeve when it was snowing and sure enough there were those beautiful fantastic crystalline images.

I didn't have the words or the sophistication then but I remember having a very calm good feeling to myself. If I had the words then that I have now I might have said to myself: God loves us - this is a place, a planet that is meant to be of beauty. Here is something natural that is so beautiful it's awe-inspiring.

I didn't have those words of course and before long someone called my name and I think it was my mom calling me in for lunch.

I'm bringing this recollection up not because it is so profound but because I know that there are aspects to life that are so difficult here - I experience some of those myself and yet I feel that ultimately this planet is meant to be about beauty, it's meant to be about kindness and we all experience that at one time or another - and it's meant to be about love.

While we don't have much of that all the time, if we're fortunate we have some of it some of the time and perhaps as time goes on and our hearts and souls become more of our predominant life cycles it might just be about that. Lets hope so.


Friday, January 16, 2009


I've been thinking about the great value in our lives of cows. I know I've mentioned these things before. I also believe that many of us have been reminded of their great and wondrous value in a humorous way by Gary Larson's cartoons which we've all grown to love but there's more and I feel that I want to just say that these beings who give us so much and who demand so little from us could perhaps, when it is the end of their lives, be treated with more kindness and respect.

I know it's not always easy to do this for those who are in the business of processing but I'm just putting it out there that perhaps some people could come up with an idea of how to do this in a way that is more kind and gentle.

You can see that I am concerned about efficiency replacing interactions between all beings. We find this sometimes in communications to us from this or that group and conversely sometimes from us to this or that group.

We are often kind and gentle with the very young and also often with the very old but what about the feelings of those between these ages.

I believe we can move past the limit of efficiency in any attempt to create clarity. I know it's not always easy to be kind, gentle, patient and considerate as much as possible. It may however just be appreciated by us all. Goodlife.