Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's Alright To Be

It's alright to have personality and be spiritual. Sometimes one finds that this is natural, other times you find that you feel pressured to be the spiritual person all the time from this person or that group. Don't give in to it, okay? It's alright to do your work. It's alright to be spiritual. It's alright to be spiritual a lot and it's also alright to have your personality.

This is particularly important advice and guidance for people who are channeling even if that's only part of your work as in my case.

There's a lot of subtle pressure to be the spiritual person all the time in every way but it's really important to allow yourself to just be. After all you're hardly in a position to be encouraging others to be their natural selves and to try to be natural in the natural world and all the other things that you'll get as advice that you emanate or pass through you whether you be in this work or some other kind - all of that is very good but it's really important to also be yourself - okay?

Now whoever yourself is is going to change over time and over the years so remind people from time to time that when you're being yourself that yourself is going to change from time to time just like it does with them.

Let them know that, as the famous saying goes, you put you pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else - or you put your skirt on just like everybody else. The important thing is if you're going to be spiritual, if you're going to do this work, if you're going to do any kind of work that calls upon you to be something that people ask, that people come to, that people inquire about - in short that is a path of life - that doesn't mean you can't have you, you can't be you and you can't enjoy your personality and let others enjoy it.

Of course it'll be infused with your work but they'll be other times when you just want to be yourself. It's okay. Okay? It's okay.