Monday, April 4, 2016

“Phone Booth” in Flagstaff

Recently while visiting Flagstaff, Arizona, some friends came across a phone booth outside of a popular local eatery. They briefly glanced at it as they went in for their meal. Afterwards as they came out again they looked at the phone booth a second time thinking that it was an odd spot for one. 

After all it was literally right on the sidewalk and  a little in the way. Then they looked at the phone booth a little more carefully.
They realized that it didn’t say “phone” on the top. It said, “poems.”

They weren’t sure at first whether it was supposed to be an artistic display only or whether they could touch it. They felt they could touch it and went inside and found out that you could look in the “phone book” for an author of poetry and if you used the phone you could hear somebody reading a poem for you. 

Is that not unique. I found that to be most enjoyable. When I first saw the photo of the “poem booth” that my friend posted on line I thought perhaps you had to say a poem to be able to use the phone - perhaps recalling one from your favorite poet or making one up. 

I thought, what would I do in a situation like that and that’s when I made up this poem that I thought I’d share with you today. Picture if you would what I saw in my minds eye - someone walking along slowly wearing dark glasses and perhaps feeling a little pensive:

Seeing Clearly

While walking along an ancient trail
I noticed a passing spider.
She said open your eyes and remove your veil
And notice the beauty around you.

I hope you enjoyed that little musing today and I thank my friends for posting the photo of this marvelous artistic installation near Macy’s and La Bellavia restaurants in Flagstaff, Arizona.