Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I remember when I was a youngster reading a book...I think it must have been about the planet. Maybe it was science...could have been in school - but there was all these pictures of snowflakes.

I'm not sure if they were actual photographs or if they were drawings and they were all these beautiful patterns. You've probably seen such pictures yourself or perhaps had the opportunity to take a quick glance at snowflakes yourself.

So of course the first chance I had - since I was growing up in Minnesota which was plenty cold in the winter and had enough snow as well :-) I looked at my sleeve when it was snowing and sure enough there were those beautiful fantastic crystalline images.

I didn't have the words or the sophistication then but I remember having a very calm good feeling to myself. If I had the words then that I have now I might have said to myself: God loves us - this is a place, a planet that is meant to be of beauty. Here is something natural that is so beautiful it's awe-inspiring.

I didn't have those words of course and before long someone called my name and I think it was my mom calling me in for lunch.

I'm bringing this recollection up not because it is so profound but because I know that there are aspects to life that are so difficult here - I experience some of those myself and yet I feel that ultimately this planet is meant to be about beauty, it's meant to be about kindness and we all experience that at one time or another - and it's meant to be about love.

While we don't have much of that all the time, if we're fortunate we have some of it some of the time and perhaps as time goes on and our hearts and souls become more of our predominant life cycles it might just be about that. Lets hope so.


Friday, January 16, 2009


I've been thinking about the great value in our lives of cows. I know I've mentioned these things before. I also believe that many of us have been reminded of their great and wondrous value in a humorous way by Gary Larson's cartoons which we've all grown to love but there's more and I feel that I want to just say that these beings who give us so much and who demand so little from us could perhaps, when it is the end of their lives, be treated with more kindness and respect.

I know it's not always easy to do this for those who are in the business of processing but I'm just putting it out there that perhaps some people could come up with an idea of how to do this in a way that is more kind and gentle.

You can see that I am concerned about efficiency replacing interactions between all beings. We find this sometimes in communications to us from this or that group and conversely sometimes from us to this or that group.

We are often kind and gentle with the very young and also often with the very old but what about the feelings of those between these ages.

I believe we can move past the limit of efficiency in any attempt to create clarity. I know it's not always easy to be kind, gentle, patient and considerate as much as possible. It may however just be appreciated by us all. Goodlife.