Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dog Helper

The other night I had my remote hearing experience again. I've had this in the past when I was living in Colorado when I took my friend to drop off at her friends house. Her foot was injured at the time, I was going to drive away but as she had disappeared from sight I suddenly heard her call out to me - not from where she was but literally right next to me. Just slightly to my left and slightly behind me.

Understand now she was quite a distance away and she was even behind a building and I was in a car with the windows rolled up and the heater on because it was winter eh - but I heard her call out my name strongly so I stopped and I went to investigate and sure enough her friend hadn't been home and she was worried that she was going to have to hobble on back to our place on her own.

When I asked her about it she said that she did not say anything but she was upset and concerned though I heard this in her voice - this call for help.

Well I bring that up because it happened again. The other night I heard - from the same location this time where I work near my desk - I heard just to my left and slightly behind me and as I localize it better now - really just slightly above my head, the same location as before and also a little bit behind me, I heard a dog - a fairly good sized dog - medium to large dog bark suddenly. And so not being able to go there wherever there was I said the basic living prayer.

"I am asking that all those beings who need help especially where that sound came from receive all the help they need now benevolently from all those beings who can help them." That adaptation put in can place the focus where it is needed without actually knowing.

I do not know whether the dog knew they were reaching me or not but it was not my job to inquire of dog helper but to do what I could.

Of course energy came through. These words set the intention you know and that's why they're so precise but ultimately it is the energy and the good heart energy that supports those in need wherever they may be with such a living prayer. Goodlife.